Who, more than any other, wants to get John Kinsel
out of prison?

The woman that put him there. 

John Kinsel has spent over 26 years in prison for a crime that never happened.

The alleged victim has maintained for 17 years that her original accusations were a lie.

Why did the prosecutor stop her from telling the truth at trial?


I figured once I told the truth his conviction would be
overturned, that they would let him out.
And that didn’t happen, at all.”

- Alyssa, John’s former accuser


        John Kinsel was born in a Texas town with only two stop lights. The youngest in a big family, John’s dad shot himself and his mom died from breast cancer before he was ten. John had to grow up fast. He dropped out of high school and worked different jobs to help pay the bills.

        John was working in Louisiana when he fell in love with bartender Adrienne at his after-work hangout. It wasn’t long before John moved with her and her kids to New Orleans. Alyssa - her own dad’s favorite - was the oldest.

        Years later, John and Alyssa’s mom separated after having a child. But it wasn’t a clean break. That’s when Alyssa came forward with alarming allegations to make John stay away from her mom. She said that John sexually assualted her while he lived with them. Soon there were police and an arrest warrant for John.

        Despite a last-minute attempt from Alyssa to reveal that she was lying, John was convicted of aggravated rape of a minor – a crime that never even took place. John received the sentence of life without parole, and has been behind bars for over 26 years since.